Launch a new low cost board that would bring new users into the composite decking category while protecting the premium status of the brand and minimizing the risk of cannibalization. Our task was to maintain the brand’s core audience and extend reach to a new audience with a flat budget.


Collaborate with other partner agencies to develop an understanding of the different audiences and how to approach each audience differently. MSM defined two distinct audience segments and developed a multi-facted campaign strategy with tailored vehicle selection guided by research on the media consumption habits of each unique audience.


High-profile endemic sponsorships and a mix of TV networks allowed us to maintain leadership positioning, while a data-driven digital program leveraged real-time information to effectively reach each audience with targeted messaging, including:

  • Prospecting ads targeted to custom look-alike audiences modeled from first-party data collected through the agency’s DMP
  • Retargeted ads with automated content recognition to reach consumers watching specific programs and/or exposed to Trex TV ads
  • CRM remarketing to opt-ins from the HGTV Home Sweepstakes
  • Advanced four-part site retargeting strategy to guide users through the funnel


Trex had strong growth in brand awareness and web traffic, with lift in key brand metrics from the HGTV Dream Home sponsorship. The consumer retargeting strategy drove the highest volume of conversions with the greatest efficiency. Key digital metrics increased 112%, on average, during the campaign, proving optimization impact. This all happened on a flat year over year budget.

% increase in key
digital metrics

“Trex has a coalition of five different agencies—advertising, digital, content, PR, and media. MayoSeitz works closely with each and I hear nothing but good things from the other agencies about MayoSeitz. I’d simply emphasize that as a client, MayoSeitz makes media easy for you. They listen, hone in on what the business needs, make recommendations, negotiate fiercely, and closely monitor the results.”

– Leslie Adkins, Vice President Marketing, Trex Company, Inc.