Increase appointments for NovaCare Rehabilitation, and their sister company, Select Medical, during the pandemic with a specific focus on driving telerehab appointments. Leads would need to be measured, reported and optimized by market.


Develop an understanding of NovaCare or Select Medical’s brand awareness in the market to determine the appropriate mix of digital tactics to drive leads. In markets where a stronger awareness level was already established, a larger allocation was dedicated directly to search.


MayoSeitz Media developed a media strategy that closely adhered to digital media conversion funnels, mobilizing location data to refine budget allocations to high-value counties in target markets. Audiences were engaged using a combination of streaming video and streaming audio, paired with a second-screen retargeting component. Branded and non-branded physical therapy and telerehab keywords were monitored to optimize lead conversions in each market. NovaCare’s budget fluidity enabled MayoSeitz Media to optimize spend by market and tactic in order to maximize performance.


Between paid search, which directly contributed 434 conversions, and the increase in brand awareness, conversion goals were eclipsed by 202% in 3 months. These leads proved to be of high quality as there was a 10% increase in appointment conversion rate.

% increase in
conversion goals