Remember many years ago when you loved playing Pictionary? Few games brought the same exciting feeling that Pictionary did back in the day.

Draw Something is the new mobile game phenomenon taking over the gaming app world.  The game serves as a fun and interactive way to play Pictionary on your mobile device. Users can draw thousands of pictures from given words such as tree, Jeremy Lin and even characters from the popular book series, The Hunger Games. 15 million of users per day have been hypnotized by this multiplayer game that averages 1 hour playing time per user and 3,100 drawings per second.

Reaching 35 million downloads in just five weeks, thousands of users continue purchasing it every hour but Draw Something’s potential could have the ability to reach similar heights when compared to Angry Birds. Earning total revenue of $250,000 per day from within apps, Zynga quickly approached Draw Something creators OMGPOP to buy the company for over $200 million. Zynga is mostly interested in the millions of users engaged in Draw Something, as chances are you have played their hit game Words With Friends as well. This new acquisition will leverage its users to the multitude of other games in the Zynga portfolio. Although they are quite aware of the roller coaster ride that comes with a games lifespan, it is still attracting  8.5 million of people per day to play Words With Friends.

Draw Something’s usability and entertaining content makes it addictive for the 35 + million customers. The game provides the ability for users to generate their own content and, when used properly and effectively, creates a unique advertising opportunity. The new update allows users to draw Hunger Games characters “Peeta”, “Haymich”, and “Gale” within the game. From there, users have started to share their drawings on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and many other social networks to spread word of mouth advertising. Future updates could include many words that will allow users to draw different brands.

What makes this game so impressive is how quickly it reached its first 1 million users. When comparing it to many tech giants, it took AOL 9 years to reach 1 million users, Facebook 9 months, and it already passed Foursquare.

If you are not already playing Draw Something, download it now and join the fun and the millions of users who are playing.