Daily deals, offered by companies like Groupon, LivingSocial, Google Offers, and Amazon Local, were one of the hottest trends just one year ago. But how are customers feeling about deal platforms now? A recent study conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey and Constant Contact researched how consumers feel about daily deals programs today. Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority of respondents (92%) feel that daily deals are here to say, while only 8% think they are just a fad.

The study featured on MediaPost offers 10 key findings, including:

1. Consumers who sign up to receive Daily Deals end up purchasing them. Four-out-of-five Daily Deal subscribers have purchased at least one deal in the last six months:

  • 27% - purchased 5 or more
  • 21% - purchased 3-4
  • 31% - purchased 1-2
  • 21% - purchased none

2. Familiarity and proximity matter: more than 1/3 of consumers are more likely to buy a deal from a local small business. Those strongly agreeing to buy a deal if:

  • It's something I already like to do - 60%
  • It comes from a local small business I am familiar with - 43%
  • It's close to where I work or live - 39%

3. For nearly 60% of customers, even a good Daily Deal experience doesn’t automatically equal loyalty. 42% agree that “If I like what I get from a Daily Deal I’ll become a loyal customer.” 58% do not.

4. More than twice as many consumers share deals via email than on social networks. Platforms for sharing daily deals with friends and family:

5. Deals for restaurants and entertainment are the most commonly shared. Top 5 types of daily deals shared:

  • Restaurants - 65%
  • Entertainment - 48%
  • Food & Grocery - 36%
  • Travel - 25%
  • Spa & Beauty - 23%

Daily deals customers are selective, but for certain industries marketers may still be able to cash in on these deals. For more information, visit CMBinfo for the full study and results.