As each week of quarantine comes to a close, we look back on what we have accomplished thus far. Maybe you finally cleaned out that spare bedroom, or the junk drawer in the kitchen. Perhaps you tackled that DIY project that has been on your to-do list for months. Whatever it was, you did it, but what comes next you may ask. If you haven’t already, why not join what seems like the rest of the world and check out the many streaming services available to you. While many people and businesses are being negatively affected by this pandemic, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ are acting as a godsend to all.

Last month, Forbes stated that internet hits had surged by 50% to 70% as the quarantine got underway, with streaming jumping by at least 12%.  While we are all stuck in our homes for weeks, it makes sense that streaming has increased. Celebrities and musicians are even taking part in it. Over the past couple of weeks, musicians have been streaming small concerts on social media because their tours were cancelled. Celebrities are streaming videos about their day to communicate with their fans. Meanwhile, folks at home are watching new movies and TV series with their families. Streaming content has been a way to connect people and give them a way out of reality for years, which couldn’t be more accurate in our world today.

As the weeks continue, the numbers have only increased. The New York Post conducted a study of 2,000 people all with access to multiple streaming services, and it was averaged that an individual spends eight hours a day streaming and has binged watched at least three shows in a week. In addition, parents have been using these services more frequently. Being stuck in the house for days can get exhausting, but imagine it with children.  Kids everywhere have been taken out of their daily routine and forced to adapt to a new one. As it can be stressful for both parties, parents have allowed their children to stream more often to help them stay engaged and entertained. When the weather is not cooperating and schoolwork is complete, boredom will set in. Fortunately, these services provide options.

There are a number of steaming services available to us. MarketWatch reported that many stay-at-homers who had Netflix are adding additional streaming services they never justified before. People have heard about The Mandalorian, but only now are willing to give Disney+ a chance since they have the time. In fact, 29% of new subscribers chose this service over others. The leg up that Netflix has is that they’ve already completed a large amount of shooting for their upcoming shows, and post-production work can be done by employees working from home.  Other newer services don’t have as much filming complete and will run into a content brick wall much sooner.  

With this quarantine continuing, this is just the beginning of the streaming service impact. With new shows and movies coming out weekly and new services being offered, these numbers will only increase.  Advertisers should take note of this and consider shifting budgets to Connected TV, OTT, and other ad-supported streaming services.  For services that are not ad-supported, there are still ways to target consumers who view specific streaming programs on their screens, or who have specific streaming apps downloaded onto their devices, so these tactics should be considered as well.

During this period of self-isolation, there’s no better time to watch your favorite show, put on a critically acclaimed movie, or finally start that original series everyone’s been talking about. Do yourself a favor and just sit back, relax, and enjoy!