Digital Media Trivia

Advertisers are constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing digital media landscape. By. Kathryn Hershey, Digital Specialist Twice a week, people across departments gather in the back kitchen of the MayoSeitz office for 30…

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The Streaming Wars Continue

HBO Max & Discovery+ Merge by. Kevin Pollock How many streaming video platforms are you subscribed to? With networks seemingly launching their own platforms each quarter, the 4 subscriptions per household reported by Ampere will…

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2022 Political Advertising Outlook

By. Tammy Catelli Yes, that probably was a political ad that just popped up on your screen and it won’t be the last. Believe it or not, four years have gone by and once again…

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The 2022 Television Upfronts

The 2022 television upfronts are back, in-person, and are about more than just broadcast television. So what are you excited to watch (or stream) this fall? The television upfront presentations, the annual event where media…

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From Omaha to Madison Ave, and places in-between

By, Shelly Hammon SVP I Media & Client Services At the beginning of this month, nearly 40,000 people descended upon Omaha, Nebraska - yes Omaha. Why, you ask? They were there for Berkshire Hathaway’s annual…

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Get to know the MSM team...

By, Craig Doyle- Director of Digital Media This year, MayoSeitz Media celebrates 25 years in business.  There's a lot to celebrate in 25 years – from client wins that have evolved into friendships, to the cold-call vendors…

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25 Years

...and 25 Years of Changes MayoSeitz Media just celebrated our 25th anniversary, and it gave me pause to think about how our world has changed since we began this journey.  So, here are some thoughts…

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“What did you think of the Super Bowl Ads?”

Imagine my surprise last week when I received an email invite to be on the Gannet/USA Today Super Bowl commercial judging panel. My first thought was “why would they ask a media guy?” Truth is…

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