by. Griffin Dugan

In the ever-evolving world that is digital marketing, staying ahead of trends is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. As we kick-off 2024, we can see that the digital marketing vertical is undergoing profound transformations. From the nuanced strategies of social media search optimization to the rebranding of Twitter as X, and the emergence of innovative platforms like Threads, marketers are gearing up to take advantage of these evolving trends. Let us review the key aspects of digital marketing that are set to shape the landscape in 2024.

SEO's Growing Presence in Social Media

Last year, Google reported that approximately 40% of Gen-Z are using platforms like TikTok & Instagram as a search engine, challenging the dominance of major players such as Google & Microsoft Ads. As a result, there is a growing shift from traditional website optimization to a more nuanced approach on social media platforms, where advertisers are now putting a stronger emphasis on keywords and metadata used on social media posts.

This shift implies that captions and descriptive content will be essential for making a brand’s post easier to find and gaining more interaction.

The Impact of Twitter to X:

Since Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter in 2022, substantial changes have occurred, including the banning of third-party apps, placing the API behind a paywall, introducing paid subscriptions, and, notably, rebranding the organization from Twitter to X.

Many have met the acquisition of the social media giant by Musk, as well as the changes he has made, with ambivalence. Looking year-over-year, X’s ad revenue is down 55% and global traffic is down 14%. With likely more changes on the horizon, as well as new competition emerging from Instagram Threads, it will be interesting to see if X can maintain its level of success we are used to seeing.

Introducing Instagram Threads

Speaking of new emerging competition for X, Meta introduced the world to Threads this past July. Threads is a text-based app built by Instagram where, similarly to X, users can view, contribute and follow public conversations.

Despite being in its infancy, Threads reportedly already has 141 million users and growing, as they just recently expanded internationally to Europe. In 2024, be on the lookout for Threads to surpass X’s usage and become the primary public text platform.

Growth of YouTube Marketing

While platforms like Threads, ChatGPT and TikTok are trendy and topical at the moment, YouTube remains one of the most significant and impactful digital marketing platforms. While YouTube is a social media platform, it is also considered the second largest search engine worldwide. In fact, data collected by the Pew Research Center reports that 95% of teens 13-17 use YouTube. Platforms like Instagram (66%) and TikTok (62%) had much lower usage rates among that age range.

YouTube has also introduced Shorts, which generate more than 50 billion daily views. Additionally, because of data concerns surrounding TikTok, look for marketers to use Shorts as an alternative for short form video.

Emergence of Nano-influencers

While there is nothing new about seeing better performance when using influencers to collaborate with your brand, we are seeing a shift in who can be an influencer. In the past, influencers were primarily just celebrities or internet sensations with massive online followings. Today, that is no longer the case.

Nano-influencers are people with accounts between 1-10K followers. Recent studies have shown that they are generating twice the amount of engagement of macro-influencers. This is great for brands, especially smaller ones, because they can get more engagement while likely paying less for the collaboration.  


As we move through the complex world of digital marketing in 2024, the strategies discussed here will help marketers succeed in a landscape marked by innovation, competition, and the ever-changing preferences of digital audiences.


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