Today we celebrate Monitor #100 in the MayoSeitz Media blog series. We launched our blog in April 2010, a little more than 3 years ago. We launched it slowly at first and were surprised at the immediate interest it received. The feedback was gratifying. What was clear is that the pace of change in the media world was, and is, so rapid that it is difficult to stay current on all issues. Blogs like the MayoSeitz Media Monitor are good tools to learn about the current environment and what’s around the corner.

We also learned that there is an insatiable interest in learning about key demographic segments and their impact on marketing. Many of our best read Monitors look at key demos and their marketing implications.

From a slow beginning we increased the pace and broadened the content. We appreciate the feedback of the thousands of readers we've developed along the way. So as we pause to celebrate the #100 milestone, we also reprise the “top 5” Monitors determined by readership of you, the Monitor reader. In reverse order they are:


#5 Is TV Viewing On The Decline?

This Monitor looked at the shifting nature of TV viewing. Traditional TV viewing may in fact be declining slightly, but video consumption overall is not. It’s all how you define it.


#4 The Truth About Zero TV Households

This Monitor is actually a corollary of #5. There is a small but growing percentage of households without a traditional TV, but even they watch video at home and on the go.


#3 Fifty-Five And Forgotten?

We looked at the growing (and aging) Boomers whose attitudes and needs have impacted American society since they were born (1946-1964). The oldest segment is now in their mid-sixties and has begun receiving Social Security and Medicare, yet they still want to work. It’s a new day.


#2 What is AutoHop & Should The Networks Be Concerned?

AutoHop is a step beyond fast-forwarding. It can eliminate commercials from recorded prime broadcast network programs. Are the Broadcast Networks worried? You bet.


#1 Inside The Heads of Millenials

This post was #1 by a longshot. Millennials do not respond to marketing in traditional ways, and every marketer needs to know what this means.


Once again thanks always for your interest and support, and always let us know what interests you. We look forward to the next 100 MayoSeitz Media Monitors.