Welcome to the “new” MayoSeitz Media Monitor

What happened to the old Monitor, the monthly email on a key media topic?   

The MayoSeitz Media Monitor has been published since 2006, and we have covered many different topics. We have always appreciated your feedback and one of the things you’ve told us is that you enjoy our views of the many issues facing the media industry. In today’s business and media world nothing stays the same. Constant change has become the new norm.

So in response to your requests, we will be increasing the frequency of the delivery of the Monitor, and in doing so, deliver our thoughts via the new MayoSeitz Media Monitor Blog. It’s more of what you’ve told us you like, just in a slightly different format. You can expect to hear from us a little more often with our views, opinions, and timely information on many different topics. 

One of the things we always appreciate is feedback. The comment box will allow you to provide yours. So any thoughts, ideas, agreements or disagreements are appreciated.  Active dialog is healthy.

We look forward to lots of discussion ahead.