To end the year, we're taking a look back at five of the MayoSeitz Media Monitor's most popular posts of 2011:

1) What is Shopkick? Of the many smartphone applications branded as shopping assistants, shopkick stood out in the crowd this year.

2) 55 and Forgotten In 2011 we took a look at the 55+ demographic, including an analysis of their media habits and 5 tips to best target this audience.

3) The Newspaper Industry: Managing the Slope of the Decline As digital communications continue to take over and newspapers in printed form continue to decline in circulation, we took a deeper look at print advertising to uncover its current strengths and weaknesses.

4) The Changing Communication Habits of Today's Teens As mobile video, social media, and text message use skyrocket among teens, how can we best use these channels to target them?

5) The Internet Name Game How will an upcoming change to domain names affect brands and advertisers?

We appreciate feedback always and we look forward to following and reporting on the changes in media, digital marketing and demographic trends in 2012. Happy New Year!