As we wrap up week #5 of working remotely, I’m reminded that we all need our “work family” to ride this out. Let’s hope that recent signs of optimism make that a near-term reality.

I’m talking about our client partners, with whom we are collaborating on a daily basis and preparing for re-entry into a different time, a new reality.

I’m talking about the longtime friend and mentor that you can reach out to and who is always there with the right level of advice and motivation, cutting through the noise on key issues.

I’m talking about senior staff and a leadership team that just gets it done. Every day. A team that you know is balancing, work, family, mental fatigue and can’t remember what day it is. But they are always there for the company and for our staff and our partners.

I’m talking about friends at media companies who say, “How can I help?” They are working with us to navigate schedule changes, cancellations and unusual requests. They continue to find solutions and break from traditional policies.

I’m talking about friends around the country who own agencies, who share ideas and best practices and who don’t hold back on opinions. Friends that are trying to figure out “what’s next?” like everyone else. I’m thankful to have them in my corner.

I’m talking about a community that rallies around and supports one another. Phone calls, Zoom meetings, info sharing and selflessness. That’s Philly.

And finally, I’m talking about a staff that continues to roll with daily change, taking care of our clients and taking care of each other. Producing first class work. Service that sets us apart. Tracking trends and monitoring the changes in our industry and being “future ready.” They are the glue.

In this time, we can all rely on our friends.