An ad campaign works to convey a message to a desired audience through different touchpoints. Whether that be through traditional, fragmented or new media types, brands and partners are developing and implementing strategic media plans with the goal of reaching a desired audience and achieving certain metrics for success. Although the bones of any advertising campaign are the media types used, the content placed within these media environments is just as important, if not more. Media sets the wheels in motion to start the conversation, but the content is what ultimately generates interest and leads to connection. When planning a campaign, brands and partners must keep a few things top of mind specific to their creative content: Does it make sense in the environment in which it live? Does it really speak to the audience it is designed to reach? And lastly, is it memorable? All three elements are incredibly essential to determining the success of any advertising campaign.


The Environment

Vendors are constantly evolving their offerings and making efforts to stay relevant as the media landscape changes and fragments. With that comes many options for brands and partners to choose from when developing media strategies. Depending on campaign objectives and goals, brands and partners select specific media types to reach a desired audience in a specific way at certain touchpoints. While selecting the bones of a campaign is a piece of the overall strategy, developing campaign content placed within these environments is a piece that is just as important in determining effectiveness. Content cannot be there for the sake of being there; it must have a purpose. Therefore, when developing content to live in a particular space, be sure to think about how your content will fit into the user experience without being disruptive or out-of-place. Being able to fit into a given media environment makes the experience with your ads much more enjoyable.


The Messaging

Is the content old or new? Is the creative captivating? Will the message drive interest? Will the CTA drive action? These questions and more are all important to ask when thinking through campaign content. Interactions that consumers have with ads only last for brief moments; therefore, it is imperative to make these moments count by delivering content that resonates and connects with the target audience. Each interaction that a consumer has with your campaign serves as a building block of developing a relationship, but only if the creative and messaging strikes a chord within that moment.


The Memorability

The media will help to deliver your message throughout the duration of the campaign, but the content has the potential to stick with the target audience beyond these brief moments and interactions. Brands are constantly competing for the attention and business of consumers through their advertising campaigns; however, whether the audience absorbs and remembers your content is completely up to you. Content should not only resonate and connect with the target audience, but it should also stand out and set your brand apart to them. Memorability is what allows a campaign to live beyond its end date.


In conclusion, the experience users have with content is just as important as the media used to reach them. When thinking about content for your next advertising campaign, keep in mind creating seamless experiences within the media environments being used, putting forth creative and messaging that resonates and connects with the consumer, and making memorable content in order to leave a lasting impression beyond your campaign timeframe.