At this year's White House Correspondent's Dinner, Conan O'Brien quipped, "Some people say print media is dying, but I don't believe them, and neither does my blacksmith." The times are definitely changing, and new creative and technological innovations are allowing for breakthrough advertising opportunities. Last year, the Monitor looked at 4 Innovative Marketing Campaign Executions. Some of the latest and most unique innovations include:

Ice Cold Coca-Cola

The iconic Coca-Cola bottle has gone through many variations of packaging innovations. Most recently is a new promotional bottle developed by Ogilvy Colombia for the hot beach season. No ice for your drink? No problem! The bottle is made completely from ice and features a red, branded Coca-Cola band. The band allows you to enjoy the beverage without freezing your hand, and also serves after as a bracelet.

Solar-Powered Charging

In looking to promote their new line of sun-friendly products which last for a full day on the beach, Nivea wanted to create an ad to help readers lengthen their beach visits. The company eliminates the need to leave the beach because of a dead cell phone by embedding a solar powered phone charger in a magazine ad. Created by Giovanni + Draftfcb in Brazil, the ad includes a thin solar panel which captures the suns rays, and a phone plug.

Talking Windows

BBDO Germany noticed that many passengers on a particular transit line would rest their heads against the window during their journey. As a result, they created the talking window, a system which transmits high-frequency vibrations through the windows. Thanks to bone conduction technology, passengers cannot hear the sound unless their head is resting against the window.

Urban Furniture Ads

IBM's Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities project aims to encourage forward-thinking citizens and local leaders to consider how to make their neighborhoods smarter. The company decided their ads for the project should also achieve that goal. To bring this to life, IBM created outdoor ads which serve a purpose- everything from a ramp for luggage to a shelter from the elements to a place to sit down.