...and 25 Years of Changes

MayoSeitz Media just celebrated our 25th anniversary, and it gave me pause to think about how our world has changed since we began this journey.  So, here are some thoughts around the changes that we’ve seen over the years that have impacted our business world. 

In no particular order……

Technology – No longer is the fax machine the coolest technological advancement in our media lifetime. Digital media, OTT, streaming, cell phones, tablets, cord cutters, social media, DMP’s, and the Google are just a few of things in the past 25 years that have shaped our world. Most of them are for the better, (although I could argue that social media may be an outlier!).

Covid – Nuff said!

Flexibility – We need to be more flexible than ever in how we work, how we service clients, and how we build a happy and content staff.

Service – Service has always been important, but in today’s world being a good partner means better and more detailed service than ever before.

Data – Data is more important than we could have ever imagined. 25 years ago we had such limited data available in every aspect of our business. Now, it’s paramount to everything we do. The need for analyzing data is more important than ever in making strong and effective media decisions.

Analytics – Goes hand in hand with data.  It’s not enough to merely possess data, but we need to always take the next step in analyzing every bit of it to optimize our clients’ media expenditures.

Ratings - While still important, ratings and rating points are being replaced by specific efficiencies against smaller, more defined target audiences.

How We Work – Covid has forced us all to look at life differently. 25 years ago, there was barely such a thing as work-life balance.  Now, it’s essential in building an effective, content, and fulfilled staff.

Skill Sets – The skill sets we looked for 25 years ago have changed drastically. Media professionals need a whole new base of knowledge to effectively be….media professionals. 

Diversity – Having a diverse staff in every way is now a cornerstone of MayoSeitz Media, and of the world at large. Aside from the obvious reasons, diversity makes us a better, more well-rounded, and without question a better organization.

Accountability – We are all far more accountable for the decisions we make in our daily business lives. No longer is it acceptable to say “We think this is the best solution” – we are now totally accountable for what we do, and how effectively we do it.

I’m sure I’ve left some big ones out, but suffice it to say that as much as we’ve all had a rough last two+ years, the changes that have affected our businesses have largely been for the best and made us better and more effective marketers.  The rate of change continues to grow exponentially, and will no doubt continue to do so.  This is a good thing. It’s gratifying to work with some of the youngest and brightest minds we’ve seen over the last 25 years, and our product continues to evolve and become better and more effective.

Some things haven’t changed….relationships are still as important (if not more) than ever. As previously stated, service will always be important as long as we’re a media agency! Good people are good people – yes, they have different skill sets, but there’s no substitute for quality people which makes for a vibrant and thriving workplace.  And lastly, just as it was 25 years ago, Tom Brady is still an NFL quarterback.