Shopping online with credit card for christmas holiday. Laptop with gifts on table on cyan blue background

Bringing The Holiday Cheer

The news around a pending recession, and constant reminders in our everyday lives about the impact of inflation, are certainly reasons for concern.  However, perhaps the holiday season is just what we need to breakout…

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Big Changes Coming to Netflix

Netflix Introduces New Ad Tier Subscription By. Brooke Gruenbaum With over 223 million subscribers already, the #2 streaming service, Netflix, announced that the platform will be debuting its new $6.99-a-month ad tier on November 3rd…

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Why Not Women’s Sports?

What strong ratings mean for the future of women’s sports on television. by, Aislinn Bryan Across premiere television programming, sports continue to dominate. Sports is a top genre with ratings bringing in more viewers and…

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People with VR grasses playing virtual reality game. Future digital technology and 3D virtual reality simulation modern futuristic lifestyle

Is Advertising in Virtual Reality Really the Next Big Thing? 

10 Interesting Predictions About Advertising in VR & Trends We’ve Seen in 2022 By, Nicole Gomez We’ve seen it time and time again. As technology progresses so do more opportunities for advertising and capturing data.…

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Digital Media Trivia

Advertisers are constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing digital media landscape. By. Kathryn Hershey, Digital Specialist Twice a week, people across departments gather in the back kitchen of the MayoSeitz office for 30…

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The Streaming Wars Continue

HBO Max & Discovery+ Merge by. Kevin Pollock How many streaming video platforms are you subscribed to? With networks seemingly launching their own platforms each quarter, the 4 subscriptions per household reported by Ampere will…

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2022 Political Advertising Outlook

By. Tammy Catelli Yes, that probably was a political ad that just popped up on your screen and it won’t be the last. Believe it or not, four years have gone by and once again…

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The 2022 Television Upfronts

The 2022 television upfronts are back, in-person, and are about more than just broadcast television. So what are you excited to watch (or stream) this fall? The television upfront presentations, the annual event where media…

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