Data analysis science and big data with AI technology. Analyst or Scientist uses a computer and dashboard for analysis of information on complex data sets on computer. Insights development engineer

Data Analytics in Advertising: Providing Personalization and Efficiency

by. Eugene Chong In the rapidly developing digital landscape, advertising has undergone a significant transformation, moving from broad, one-size-fits-all campaigns to highly targeted and personalized strategies. At the heart of this evolution lies the integration…

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World map travel concept. Vector illustration

‘Summer Lovin’ for Your Brand: Boosting Visibility During Peak Summer Travel

by. Autumn Addley Summer is not just a season of vacations and relaxations, it’s also a prime time for advertisers to reach a large audience. With US consumers planning trips, exploring new destinations, and participating…

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A Star-Studded Upfront Week: Major Networks Showcase Innovation and Content for 2024-2025

by. Aislinn Bryan Upfront week 2024 was a spectacle of star power, innovative ad tech, and bold new content as major networks presented their lineups for the upcoming television season. From NBCUniversal's return to tradition…

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♫ We were stayin' in Paris ♫

by. Kevin Pollock Have you heard about Paris lately? I’m not talking about the 2017 global smash hit by DJ duo The Chainsmokers, but rather the host of the 2024 Summer Olympics. This year’s Summer…

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How Walmart is Gaining Consumer Data Through Smart TV Acquisition

by. Rachel Saunders We are all familiar with big brands absorbing the little guy to increase their market share. This past October, Omnicom purchased Flywheel and Smucker’s purchased Hostess Brands (aka Twinkies). Additionally, who can…

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Hand putting vote into ballot box on table outside.

Political Season's Impact on Digital Advertisers

by. Kathryn Hershey Another presidential election year is upon us. Advertisers, prepare yourselves for some industry-wide shifts as voters across the country cast their ballots. Here are four digital trends that will impact even non-political…

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The Evolving Worldwide Leader in Sports

by. Patrick Longhitano ESPN has been synonymous with live sports since the first episode of SportsCenter aired in September of 1979. Over the years it has launched the careers of countless legendary broadcasters and on-air…

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Digital marketing business technology. Website advertisement email social media network, SEO, SEM video and mobile application icons in virtual screen.

Navigating 2024: Trends in Social Media and Digital Marketing

by. Griffin Dugan In the ever-evolving world that is digital marketing, staying ahead of trends is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. As we kick-off 2024, we can see that the digital marketing…

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